Manville Rubber Products has been supplying industry with the highest quality rubber covered pull rolls, feed rolls, conveyor rolls, drive wheels, regulating wheels, laminating rolls, and idlers for more than 30 years. Ongoing process refinements have enhanced our ability to satisfy the most stringent requirements of today's high tech machinery OEM's, refurbishers and maintenance groups. Let Manville Rubber Products' experience in rubber covered rollers reduce your downtime and maintenance costs.

MRP can supply new precision cores for your rubber covered roller requirements, or will gladly rubber coat cores you supply. We can also reclaim or repair cores from your worn rollers and then rubber coat them to make them like new.

Manville Rubber Products can:

  • Recommend and develop compounds to suit the unique requirements of your operating environment: abrasion resistance, tear resistance, chemical resistance, static discharge, high temperature stability, non-marking, FDA approval, NSF approval, UL approval, etc.
  • Produce one or thousands. Our production flexibility and experience allows us to match the proper production methods to your exact roller resulting in efficient production regardless of volume.
  • Work with your engineering staff to develop prototypes and quickly get a new design into production.
  • Supply metal cores and journals of the highest quality
  • Recover worn rollers or coat new customer supplied cores

Manville Rubber Products specializes in small rollers up to 8" OD and 38" length. Our maximum capacity is 14" OD and 66" overall length.


These materials were developed to solve a major adhesive processor's problems with adhesive build up on roller surfaces. Manville Rubber Products' non-stick rubber coatings have seen growing applications everywhere release problems are encountered with traditional rubber coatings. These coatings will entirely eliminate or drastically reduce the build up of adhesives on the roller surface. Call or email to discuss your particular requirements.

V series nonstick coatings feature:

  • Excellent release properties which avoid sticky build-up for longer running with less down time
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent environmental stability
  • Excellent stability over a wide temperature range from -65F to 400F and up to 500F intermittently
  • Durometer hardness ranging from 25 shore A to 70 Shore A, for use in most applications


Outstanding tooling design and fabrication are critical to the success of your new project. Manville's experienced staff have the skill and passion for detail that insures your tooling investment is designed and produced to the highest standards of accuracy, quality, and durability. More >


Our materials lab operates to serve both development and quality assurance needs. With a vast rubber compound database encompassing thousands of formulations in all material types, Manville Rubber Products is certain to have the perfect material for your project. More >


Manville Rubber Products has vast experience in the production of an astounding variety of molded rubber products. From one-of-a-kind development projects through high volume contract production MRP is properly equipped to efficiently manufacture to your exact specs. More >

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