Rubber Injection Molding

Fast. Accurate. Repeatable.

Our rubber injection molding capability utilizes only the most advanced, closed loop, PLC controlled machines available. Our equipment coupled with our custom compounding expertise delivers the fastest, most accurate, most repeatable method for rubber goods production.

Our advanced injection molding machines allow specialized cycles such as injection/transfer, injection/compression, preform, vacuum purge and volumetric bump cycles. Use of these specialized cycles can open a narrow processing window and turn a tough production problem into a zero-defect winner.


Advantages of rubber injection molding:

  • Most efficient production method for high volume production runs
  • Superior ability to maintain close dimensional tolerances
  • Automated cycle controls improve repeatability from cycle-to-cycle and run-to-run
  • Specialized cycle availability provides solutions to tricky production problems

Trust Manville Rubber to deliver as promised.

We work closely with our customers to identify key requirements. Only then do we identify the best production method, material formulation and tooling design. If you would like help scoping out your next custom molded rubber project, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you.