Beyond ISO 9001

Driven by a quality system registered to ISO 9001-2015, continuous improvement is a way of life at Manville Rubber. Flexibility is inherent in every aspect of our business, from the products we manufacture to the speed with which our team responds to your changing needs. Let us show you the difference a small, high quality, custom molded rubber supplier can make to your bottom line.

The Paperless Factory

Every project at Manville Rubber is subject to our unique and exacting quality control program. Our proprietary, tablet-based system records every aspect of unit production and travels with the project throughout the project's lifetime. Some of the data we record for each project includes:

  • Compound formulation, including certified raw material suppliers
  • Compound certification requirements & testing data
  • Manufacturing parameters, such as permissible equipment, operators, heat times, temperatures, release agents, etc.
  • Destructive process verification (pre-production units analyzed inside and out before process is verified and production can begin)
  • Sampling, conformity, and testing data requirements and results
  • Packaging, labeling, and shipping instructions

Our system includes detailed instructions to ensure the highest level of reproducibility from one setup to the next, even for infrequently produced items. Instructions include photos that not only aid in setup but also alert operators to and address known areas of concern.

Conforming to NIST 800 guidelines, our unique system is password-protected and follows a least-privilege protocol, granting access only to those modules required for the task. Our customers appreciate the stability and predictability that our award-winning quality system provides.


Supplier of the Year

Manville Rubber strives to function as a direct extension of your own team.  Our success is measured by your satisfaction.  We have been named Supplier of the Year by several of our most valuable customers including Fortune 500 companies such as Osram Sylvania and Thomas & Betts.